This project required demolition of existing walls and ceilings and the construction of new office partitions. The full height glass was installed around the perimeter of each office suite and meeting rooms with half height partitions between each office suite. The walls were built with sound resistant insulation to stop any sound traveling between walls. Part of the ceiling grid was removed and a set ceiling was put in its place, carpet tiles were also replaced with full rolls of carpet to create a high-end feel to the meeting rooms. This project required precise planning as the works had to be completed within a strict deadline as spaces had already been leased of the plan. Work hours were restricted because the space was already in use. We coordinate the project perfectly with demolition works of existing plasterboard walls and glass completed after normal business hours. We then started in the early hours of the morning to get as much work done as possible before office workers arrived. As always the area was meticulously cleaned every day. All our external trades and materials were ordered and scheduled in advance so the project would flow without any disruption or set-backs. The project was completed ahead of time to a very high standard and office work resumed as usual as if we were never there at all.