Like all projects Peak Fitness Studio started as just an empty space, there was an idea, an interior designer and  there was Pivotal Renovations.

Jan wanted to create a Studio that was functional, spacious, looked modern, something that what set her Studio apart from your everyday run of the mill type gym.

Peak Fitness Studio features a pilates/yoga room, a specialised cycle room and open gym with state of art equipment. There is also seating space as well as a few offices where jan can work behind the scenes.

All the walls are sound resistant so while there is a spin class on you can still workout in the open gym with out any noise from the cycle room next door. The flooring  throughout Peak Fitness Studio changes from room to room to cator for the different uses of each space. The pilates/yoga room has flooring that is hard wearing yet soft and comfortable enough to enjoy your pilates/yog class without feeling like your laying on flat concrete! the flooring in the open gym is also a hard wearing surface that does not absorb any moisture but still soft enough to absorb any heavy impact.

The cycle room features multi level platforms and with state of the art technology and a projector screen you fell as if you are riding the Tour de France from the Gold Coast!

The custom built reception and carefully selected floor coverings and seating area would have feel as if you have stepped into a corporate office rather than a fitness studio.

As always we worked closely with Jan and the interior designer to ensure we delivered something everyone involved could be proud of. Peak Fitness Studio was handed over on time and on budget and Jan was able to open her dream studio ahead of schedule.

We really enjoyed working on this project and are very proud to have been a part in creating this state of the art studio that is unseen anywhere else on the Gold Coast.